We advise our customers to carefully read the return and refund policies, if you encounter any problems, we encourage you to send support requests via email, avoiding unnecessary disputes and complaints.

Refund and return policy when you buy goods at LeoCover are specified here:


There are the following cases:

– Request order cancellation and refund for any reason. We will accept and process a refund for you if the cancellation request is submitted within 24 hours of you completing the order. This is more clearly stated in the Cancellation Policy

– Request a refund due to the delivery of the order taking longer than expected:

  • For late delivery due to objective reasons (due to the delay of 3rd party shipping companies, epidemics, customs policies, stormy weather, ..): we will provide updates to you soonest and look forward to your understanding. Or you can refund a part of your order value. In case it is not acceptable to be more than 30 days late than expected, you will be refunded 100% of the order value.
  • Request a refund for orders that are lost or out of stock: We will refund 100% of the value of the order for you, or you can choose to return an order instead.
  • Orders delivered to the wrong address because you entered the wrong address: in case you enter the wrong address, please respond to us within 2 days from when you place the order, our team will update. If the order is delivered to the wrong address due to your fault, we are not responsible for a refund, can only try to contact 3rd party shipping.
  • The order has been delivered to your home but stolen: In this case, we do not accept responsibility because when the 3rd party shipping confirms the delivery, you are fully responsible for the protection of the goods.


With our policy, within 15 days of you receiving the item, you can request a refund or return in the following cases:

  • Wrong product delivered in the order, or part of the order is wrong.
  • Damaged by transportation: torn.
  • The product has the wrong described.
  • Other errors caused by our production.

When encountering these unfortunate incidents, please email us about the problem (including actual product pictures and labels for proof) to get timely support for refund or return requests. We encourage you to receive a new replacement for the defective product and you do not even need to return the defective product to us.


Within the specified time we have notified, if there is a request for refund and return the product, please email us with the following content:

  •   Order information
  •   The problem of the order
  •   Shipping Label
  •   Pictures of defective products


After we have reviewed and accepted your refund request, we will proceed to refund the value of your order, after a period of about 7-10 days you will receive your refund. The method of receiving your refund will match the method you paid for your order at LeoCover.