Biodiversity - Integrating Conservation and Production : Case Studies from Australian Farms, Forests and Fisheries

SKU: 9780643094581

Isbn13 9780643094581
Authors Ted Lefroy,Edward C. Lefroy,Kay Bailey,Tony Norton,Greg Unwin
Publisher Csiro Publishing
Year 2008
Language English
In June 2007, twenty years after the Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke announced the Decade of Landcare, 250 farmers, foresters and fishers from all states met in Launceston as guests of the community group Tamar Natural Resource Management to reflect on the question, "Is it possible to be good environmental managers and prosper in our businesses?" This book contains seventeen of their stories.

Australia's experiment in community-based environmental repair is unique in the world, and there has been no shortage of analysis by bureaucrats, academics and environmentalists. This collection of case studies gives us the view from ground level. As well as tales of environmental hope, there are also messages about the limits of duty of care, the need to share the costs of achieving society's expectations, and the possibility of learning from unlikely places.